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Are gambling apps legal in Canada?

Broad range of various offers in the global network on the gambling market and especially in Canada may raise the eyebrows of some people as the question are real money gambling apps legal becomes obvious. The general rule says that this is illegal, if a gambling resource does not hold a valid license or if it is not managed by the Canadian government. In all other cases, this is absolutely legal and unlike Australia for example, where even residents cannot gamble online for real money and could be fined thousands of dollars, Canada is the haven for gamblers inside and outside of the country.

What gambling applications are legal in Canada?

By considering are gambling apps legal, all residents in Canada as well as from other parts of the world where its websites can be accessed can launch its casinos’ apps and play it at any time. Whenever an online casino app is accessed from the Canadian territory, it has to be within the borders of the country and not be located offshore. However, most of the Canadian casinos are registered in Kahnawake, which is offshore within the borders of the Canadian territory. All casinos that are based there are absolutely legal and the question are gambling apps legal seems to be answered. So, here are what apps are legal:

  1. Apps that limit access to people who are less than 21 years of age;
  2. Apps that are not based offshore the Canadian territory;
  3. All gambling apps that are not played for real money;
  4. All legal apps must provide a guarantee for large payouts, including millions of dollars;
  5. Details of payment systems of legal apps have to be disclosed to the governing body and the watchdog.
are gambling apps legal

There is the regulation for obtaining high-quality software and by complying with this norm of the law a casino app becomes legal in Canada. There are approximately 50 online casino operators that offer their applications to players. Therefore, the question of whether can you gamble online in Canada can be answered as positive as those five dozens of operators offer more than 250 apps and websites to join. There are lots of other mobile apps that can be played for free and do not require obtaining a license.

Gambling in Canada, real money offers

Are gambling apps legal and what games play always come close with the offers that will have to be considered. The most efficient and highly effective way of attracting gamblers is to introduce matching deposit offers. It basically means that people get a matching bonus of 100% for any amount of money up to a certain limit. The limit can be variable and there also can be regular promotions. No deposit bonuses are also commonly used it could come in the form of real cash offers and free spins. Here is what may catch the attention of players:

  • Captain spins: matching deposit bonus of CAD 1200.00 and 260 free spins;
  • Casoola: matching deposit bonus of CAD 1500.00 and 200 free spins;
  • Spin snake: matching deposit bonus of CAD 1500.00 with 200 free spins in addition;
  • 888 Canada: matching deposit bonus of CAD 1500.00.

Are gambling apps legal in Canada with its games to play? The answer is yes and virtually everything that people can get their hand on is legal. The watchdog does its job well and it is highly unlikely to get across junk casinos in the country.

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