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Deuces Wild slot machine games

Online gamblers, who love card games, often choose Deuces Wild slot machine variants. The game of this type is a combo of a slot and poker (2-in-1). No real opponents are needed here: you can play with virtual rivals and a casino. Besides, you can either use a Demo version of this video poker, or gamble making real stakes.

Deuces Wild slot machine guide for newbies

BetSoft, Novomatic, NetEnt, Play’n’Go, and other famous gaming software providers have free slots video poker Deuces Wild versions. They differ by the number of hands, min and max bets, presence of a jackpot, etc. However, they all have a similar feature: Deuces get the Wild characteristics. It means they can substitute any card here. Therefore, the player that gets “2”, should not change it — Deuces are jokers in the game.

The first thing to do is to pick the variant of a Deuces Wild slot machine you will play. Some providers offer a multi-hand version of the game, which means that you can play from 5 to 100 hands, others let you play 1 hand only.

Deuces Wild slot machine

For the multi-hand mode, the difference is that you will play at the same time on several groups of cards. Depending on the combination you make, your winning may vary. The minimum combination to win anything is Three of a Kind. You will be entitled to an advantage thanks to the Deuces, replacing any card, so you will have a good chance of creating winning combinations. Some slots of Deuces Wild have a Double Bet option. Winners can use it.

This video poker has a very simple and functional interface, you will have no trouble finding your way around and identifying your winnings. It is also possible to adjust the game speed to play faster or slower.

Strategies and tips for the players

The best recommendation for beginners here is very simple: first, play Deuces Wild slot free. The Demo version will give you an understanding of the gameplay. You will the Deuces’ “magician” role, and their importance. Besides, as many providers offer their game variants, try them all. Comparing the gaming machines and the wins, you will come to an independent conclusion, which of the slots is the better variant for you.

Besides, the following tips will be helpful for the newcomers:

  • Do not ever replace Deuces with any other cards, even Aces.
  • Do not ever hold only one high card.
  • If you have two pairs, it is better to get rid of the weaker one or switch three cards, in order to form a more profitable combination.
  • If playing Deuces Wild slot machine, you have a winning hand and a Deuce, keep it.
  • If you have three “2s”, it is best to swap the other two cards, in an attempt to form 4 Deuces, which is very profitable.
  • If no combination in the hand can be formed, and no one Deuce appeared, swap all 5 cards.

However, the theory will do nothing without any practice. Play this video poker for free much, and work out your own strategies for the game.

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