A Career Fair Is a Candidate Selection Event

It’s Time to Reframe Career Fairs

Career fairs were one of my favorite activities when I was a Corporate Engineering Recruiter at John Deere.


I enjoyed traveling to different colleges. I enjoyed the high-energy atmosphere at the fairs. I enjoyed representing John Deere and sharing the Deere story with students.

But most of all I enjoyed meeting the wide variety of engineering students. 

Want To Ace Your Next Interview?…TELL STORIES

How Do You Prepare For Interviews?

In this post, I want to challenge your thinking about interview preparation, and suggest something a bit different to add to your prep efforts.

AceInterviewWithStories (1)

Before reading further, though, please answer this question, “How do you currently prepare for job interviews?”

My experience as a corporate engineering recruiter suggests that most students (and working professionals too) who actually prepare for interviews, tend to do it mostly by focusing on questions they think they will be asked. They build a list of commonly asked questions and then create “good” answers to those questions.

The Huge ROI of Capturing Today’s Learning & Experiences For Future Use

Given my passion for engineering and other STEM careers, and for helping STEM students, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that last weekend was the first time I’ve ever been to a FIRST Robotics Competition. But hey, as the saying goes, “Better late than never”.

ROI of FIRST Robotics

I must tell you that I was blown away by what I saw and what I learned in terms of the opportunities for learning and growth that the different FIRST programs provide to kids.

Conducting Informational Interviews – Chap.#5: Extending An Invitation

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Welcome to Chapter 5. Here we’re going to cover the second part of the REACH OUT step, Extending An Invitation.


This is the point in the process where it’s time to reach out and invite one or more professionals to meet with you personally, or on the phone, for an interview-style conversation.

Dominating Your Internship – Secret #1: Handling the Basics

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Welcome, and thanks for joining me. This is Secret #1: Handling the Basics, from my STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE titled, DOMINATING YOUR INTERNSHIP


Heading out for an internship is a big step, and as such, it requires some planning steps and specific actions before the start date of your work session.