Meetings Matter: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations (Corvallis, OR: Jackson Creek Press, 2015)

An Important Book For Your Organization, Your Career…and Your Life

I’m excited for you, me, and the rest of the world. Why? Because I know what the ideas in this book can do for individuals and for groups. 

For over 12 years, I saw these ideas transform the work inside of a global, 65,000+ employee manufacturer. I’ve also experienced their positive impact personally, outside of the workplace, in many different settings since 1997. 

Not Your Boring, Run-of-the-Mill Book on Meetings 

As the Introduction reveals, this book goes much, much deeper than simple structural suggestions such as using agendas, starting on time, etc.

In fact, the sub-title reveals the real essence of this book: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations

As the author states early on, “Conversation and relationship create the foundation not only for meetings, but also for everyday life.”

As such, helping us understand perspective, effective conversations, and the creation of supportive relationships, is where he takes us in Strategies 1 through 3. Then in Strategies 4 through 7 he teaches us about designing, leading, and participating in meetings. Finally, Strategy 8 speaks to the building of “Remarkable Groups”.

Get To Know the Author

In the spirit of full transparency, you should know that Paul Axtell is a long-time friend, colleague, and mentor. His ideas and training programs have impacted my life in a host of positive ways.

Trained as a chemical engineer, his expertise today centers on designing effective conversations, leading meetings in ways that make them matter, and building remarkable groups. 

As you consider whether to purchase and leverage this outstanding book, I encourage you to check out Paul’s website HERE.


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