Book: The Power of Acknowledgement

The POWER of ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (New York: IIL Publishing, 2006)

Are You Like Me?

Although I’ve been working on this for years, I find there are still too many times when I think of a positive thought about something someone did, or how they treated me, but then let the thought disappear before acting on it.

My lost opportunities run the gamut from good things done by family members, friends, business contacts, and by everyday people who help me at the grocery store, the auto parts store and at many other places.

It’s An Easy Fix

Judith Umlas wrote this powerful little book as a reminder, and as a guide, to help readers strengthen their habits of acknowledging others.

Although it’s a quick read (97 pages), she packed it with an array of personal examples and a framework of seven valuable principles to guide our understanding and use of acknowledgements.

A Few of My Favorites

To give you a flavor of the book, here are some of my favorite gems:

  • “There is no scarcity of qualities we can and should acknowledge in the people around us.” P.12
  • Principle #1: The world is full of people who deserve to be acknowledged. P.23
  • Principle #2: Acknowledgement builds intimacy and creates powerful interactions. P.31
  • “All of us have acknowledgements stored in us. As you start paying attention to them, you will be shocked at the many things you could say to the people all around you that would make their day and change their lives.” P.35
  • “Acknowledging and striving go together. When people feel validated through acknowledgement, they can’t be stopped.” P.65

Be Brave…Do It Daily

This quote from the last page is a wonderful call to action. Will you be brave today and offer someone an authentic acknowledgement?

“You simply don’t know the full force and power of acknowledgement until you start using it, bravely, courageously and on a daily basis!”


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