A Career Fair Is a Candidate Selection Event

It’s Time to Reframe Career Fairs

Career fairs were one of my favorite activities when I was a Corporate Engineering Recruiter at John Deere.


I enjoyed traveling to different colleges. I enjoyed the high-energy atmosphere at the fairs. I enjoyed representing John Deere and sharing the Deere story with students.

But most of all I enjoyed meeting the wide variety of engineering students. 

Yep, all the career fair “stuff” was a lot of fun.

But as a John Deere employee, I always knew that at the end of the day it was all about building a stronger company. It was all about finding outstanding, talented students who we could extend interview invitations to.

And that’s the sole point of this post…

It’s offered as a reminder to you (students) to be careful not to get caught up in the excitement of the day, such that you forget what the goals are for the two parties involved.

Company Career Fair Goal

Amidst all the hoopla, the brightly colored booths, the slide shows and videos, the free swag and the smiling reps, remember that for a company a career fair is all about selecting great candidates to interview.

Your Career Fair Goal

On the flip side, for you as a student, your primary career fair goal should be to secure invitations to interview for either internships or full-time positions after graduation.

Of course, you want to learn about the companies, begin building new relationships with employees (i.e., network), strengthen your conversational skills, have fun, and get some sweet swag,

But all of your preparation, all of your actions during the fair, and all of your follow-up activities should always be laser focused on getting multiple interview invitations.

Now Go Get Ready

Hopefully, since you now know what the end game is, you realize how much work you have to do to get ready to shine at your college’s next Candidate Selection Event (Career Fair).

PREPARE NOW!If you need some help preparing for your fair, check out this past post titled, Engineering Career Fair Prep…Do It Now!

And be sure to read this one too…PLEASE DON’T Make These 5 Mistakes At Your Engineering Career Fair.

I wish you outstanding success at your next Career Fair. Now go get some interview invites!


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