I’m “Ready Enough”…It’s Time to Kick Fear in the Butt and Start Helping Engineers

Welcome to ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM (aka ECL)I’m Don Gallagher, the founder and primary author. I’m super excited, but also a little bit scared, to tell you that it’s time for no more excuses. No more delays. No more reasons why the site isn’t ready.

I read a quote recently that was shared in a blog post written by time management ninja, Craig Jarrow, it says ,”You’re never ready. You go when you’re ready enough“.

This quote came from actor Harrison Ford in the movie, Ender’s Game. It’s fitting for me to include it in my inaugural post, because for the last six months or so I feel like I’ve mastered the art of delaying a website launch.

You can call it procrastination, you can call it perfectionism, but the bottom line is that I’ve let what author Steven Pressfield refers to as “the resistance” maintain far too much control over my life, and over this site.

But all of that’s over, at least for right now. I’ve kicked the fear aside and I’m ready to move forward with trying to make some cool things happen in the world of engineers and engineering.

I’m really glad you’re here.

I respect and appreciate the time you’re investing to check out this post. My goals for this first post are pretty simple. I want to welcome you and help you learn a little bit about the site.

Since there is a lot of information already available on the site pages, I thought for this post I would share my thinking behind what I’ll call the two primary branding pieces, the ECL name and logo and the ECL tagline.



At first glance, the ECL name and logo seem to suggest that the focus here is on engineering students, or on early career engineers who have just entered the workplace. It’s actually focused on both, but also on much more.

As I envision it today, ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM will speak to, and serve, students and engineers of all ages who are in lots of different career and life situations. To me this makes sense because most of us launch and relaunch our careers in many different ways, and usually multiple times, during our adult lives.



Next is the ECL tagline. I tend to think of it as the overall guiding light for ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM.

Here are what the five pieces of the tagline statement are intended to represent.

  • THE #1 SOURCE FOR – This represents my goal to build a site that over time becomes a place that’s known for consistently providing useful, honest, and engaging content that truly helps the readers.
  • STRAIGHT TALK – To me this means personal transparency and honesty, and a willingness on my part to tell it like I’ve experienced it during my 35+ years in the working world.
  • SOFT SKILLS – SOFT SKILLS are at the core of what I’ll be creating and delivering here. As you’ll find if you poke around the site a bit, I refer to a focus on something I call “the other curriculum”. In my mind, this includes everything that isn’t taught in a typical engineering college curriculum. It includes people and communication skills, personal effectiveness, personal productivity, career development, and much, much more.
  • SUPPORT – This single word speaks to my overall commitment to the ECL community and to our profession. My promise kept will show up as the wide variety of content I’ll be offering, like the free STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE that you’ll see very soon in the Learning Store, future GUIDES, the upcoming weekly text and video blog posts, and the podcasts that will be coming in the future too.
  • FOR ASPIRING ENGINEERS – This represents my sincere interest in helping young women and young men who are studying to become engineers. But just as importantly, it’s about my interest in supporting any student or engineer who aspires to be a great engineer, and a great person, what I like to call a remarkable engineer.

So I’m curious, does what I’ve outlined here seem to line up with your first impressions of ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM?

My experience suggests that there’s a hunger and a need amongst many engineers for help around these topics. If engineering is your “thing” and personal development is on your agenda, I invite you come by often as I work to kick things off here.

My hope is that together we can build a community of learners who support one another. I’d be pleased to have you join me on the ECL journey towards making this happen.

To Your Success,




Question: What fear is holding you back right now and needs to be kicked out of the way?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

photo credit: zachstern via photopin cc

Zach’s photo was easy to leverage to support the idea of “kicking fear aside”, but I want to also use it as a “tip of the hat” tribute to the current 2014 World Cup soccer teams, and to all soccer fans and players around the world!

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  • Don,

    Thanks for your transparency around procrastination/perfectionism as well as your well thought out summary of what this site is all about. I’m excited for you as well as for all those who are going to benefit from this much needed resource. Best of luck to you!

    • Don

      Hey Dave,
      Thank you for reading the post and sharing your comments. I’m grateful for your continuing support and encouragement.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Congratulations on your launch, Don! Looking forward to more.

    • I’ve really appreciated our conversations and your help. Thank you………