Conducting Informational Interviews – Chap.#3: A Simple Step-By-Step Process

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Welcome to Chapter #3. This one is very, very short. I’ve titled it, A Simple Step-By-Step Process.


In the early chapters of the GUIDE, I stress more than once that informational interviewing is simple. This post reveals the proof.

The 3 Simple Steps to Conducting a Successful Informational Interview:

Step #1 – REACH OUT

REACH OUT…by identifying, and then extending an invitation to your potential interviewee.


CONNECT & LEARN… by scheduling, preparing, and conducting your one-on-one interview.

Step #3 – MANAGE

MANAGE…your new relationship, first with a professional thank you, then with ongoing follow-up.

Please trust me on this. Informational interviewing truly is this easy.

Granted, the process may feel a little scary at the beginning it you’re new at it, but after your first one I’m confident you’ll be itching to conduct more and more interviews. 

Are You Ready To Get Started?

In the next chapter, we’ll dig into the details of Step #1, REACH OUT. I’ll give you some great ideas on how to identify who you might want to invite for an interview.

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