Success Manifesto for Engineering Students – Action #3…Be A BFF With Career Center Staff

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Be honest with me, and yourself, about the three questions that are listed below this graphic…


  • How many total minutes have you spent talking with professors or instructors during their office hours?
  • How many career center staff members have you sat down with to ask for their advice about what engineering employers are looking for?
  • How much time have you spent on the career center website poring over the resource materials on companies, career planning, interviewing, career fair prep, resume design and internships?

College Is EXPENSIVE…It Makes Sense to Maximize Your ROI

Depending on the college you’re attending, you or someone else will probably invest anywhere from $50-100K before your engineering degree is awarded.

I suspect you’ll agree with me that a good portion of those dollars are flowing to support the people and the resources I just asked you about.

In my way of thinking, it makes a whole lot of sense that you should maximize your college ROI, your return on investment, by leveraging those people, their brains, and their experience.

Hey, You’re The Customer

You truly are the primary customer of your college and its staff.

I’m not sure why, but sometimes this fact seems to get lost in the day-to-day college shuffle. I’m not afraid to admit that it did for me.

Even though I paid my own way through college, thinking of myself as a paying customer didn’t occur to me as an undergraduate. Some days I wish I could turn back the hands of time and do things over!

If Not BFFs, Then Make Them Your BFCsBFF

I know it might seem a little silly to suggest that college staff should be your BFF’s (Best Friends Forever). I admit I used that acronym mostly to get your attention.

However, I don’t think it’s silly at all to make some of them what I’m going to call your BFCs, your Best Friends while in College.

From a personal career development perspective, I can’t think of anyone better to get to know than the career center advisors and the staff there.

Think about it…

– They’re being paid to work everyday towards the goal of getting their students (that means you) placed in the best jobs with the best companies. It’s their full-time job.

– As a result, they understand the hiring processes and they’re well connected to company recruiters.

– They know what skills the companies are looking for in engineering candidates.

– From my experience, most are also very caring people.

A Pure Vein of GOLDISU

Collectively, career center professionals and your professors represent knowledge and experience that’s like a pure vein of gold, just waiting to be mined by you.

Seriously, every one of them should be near the top of your list of BFC’s.

Don’t let the opportunity for them to help you slip by while you’re in college. Get some conversations scheduled today and prepare your questions right now.

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Question: How have you been leveraging the experience/advice of your professors and the professionals in your college career center? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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