A Powerful Soft Skills Gift For You

Almost 18 years ago, I received a “gift” that ultimately altered the course of my career, and my life. The gift was a powerful idea that I’d never heard before.

This past November, I shared that same gift in a guest post (and video) on Alana Muller’s blog, CoffeeLunchCoffee. When I wrote the post, I knew I would later share it with you too.

As we begin the new year, please accept this video post/gift as a small token of my appreciation for your support of the ECL site, and of the content I’m building here for students and engineers of all ages.

All the best to you and yours for a 2015 (at home and in the workplace) filled with amazing conversations and meaningful, growing relationships.

Question: Which of your relationships could be better served through more intentional, effective conversations? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

ECL Readers: Click on their names here to learn more about Paul Axtell and Professor Deborah Tannen (both were mentioned in the video).

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  • Andrea Gold

    What a great gift, Don! Very wise comments about conversations and good tips. Much appreciated!

    • It’s my pleasure. Always a treat to hear from you. Thanks……