Intentional Career Blueprinting

Brief Presentation Overview


As a common cliche states, “This isn’t rocket science.” I would suggest that career planning fits this cliche. It isn’t rocket science,, but yet it seems that so few of us actively do it?” Instead, most of us react to what the world throws at us. In this presentation, I offer a new perspective, build a case, and provide some simple tools, for investing in ourselves by investing in what I like to call “intentional career blueprinting”.

Target Audiences

Early and mid-career working professionals, along with students not yet in the workforce, can all benefit immensely from this presentation. However, even those who are nearing retirement will find the program content compelling, and helpful, as they plan for their remaining working years, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Delivery Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or a workshop. Typical keynote length is 45–60 minutes, with the ideal being 45-50 minutes. Workshops most often run from two to four hours. Of course, program length is always dependent upon your needs and goals.

Intended Program Outcomes

  • Audience members will leave with a new perspective, new energy, and new ideas for crafting the career journey they’ve always wanted.
  • Participants will learn some practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Experience With This Topic

  • I ran my own engineering recruiting firm for almost three years in the mid 90′s after earning my MBA. This recruiting experience introduced me to more formalized career development techniques. It also allowed me to help hundreds of engineers improve their career development skills as they transitioned to new and better jobs. Later, after returning to John Deere, I spent time in their Corporate Staffing group recruiting both college and mid-career engineering candidates.
  • While at John Deere, I was trained in 2000 as a performance coach in their successful, yet voluntary, peer-to-peer coaching program. My internal coaching experience at John Deere later led me to pursue additional coaching training in 2008 at the respected Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.
  • I’ve long been a student and believer in the introspection, reflection and planning skills that are a key part of personal career and life planning.


The Next Step

Thank you for considering me for your future event. I would welcome a phone call to talk about your speaking and/or training workshop needs. Please call me right now at 913-530-0322.


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