Remarkable Engineering…It’s A Conversational Phenomenon

Brief Presentation Overview


Effective conversations and supportive relationships both play critical roles in creating successful engineering environments. This program seeks to build greater awareness and understanding of a number of little known conversational “distinctions” that can allow engineers to better leverage their technical knowledge and skills.

Target Audiences

Engineering professionals at all levels are the primary targets for this presentation and the valuable ideas it offers. It’s also very appropriate for engineering students.

Delivery Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or a workshop. Typical keynote length is 45–60 minutes, with the ideal being 45-50 minutes. Workshops most often run from two to four hours. Of course, program length is always dependent upon your needs and goals.

Intended Program Outcomes

  • Audience members will learn the importance of being very intentional about the conversations they create and participate in. 
  • Participants will develop new levels of awareness, learn new skills, and build greater appreciation and respect for the power of conversations.

Experience With This Topic

  • Since 1997, my specific studies and work involving the topics of workplace conversations and relationships have expanded my ability to teach others how to better leverage these activities.
  • Since 2010, my professional speaking, training and consulting career has centered on helping client companies to improve their business performance via their people. My primary work today focuses heavily on teaching employees at all levels how to have more effective workplace conversations, be better leaders, build stronger teams and enjoy better relationships.
  • In late 2013, I created ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM to combine much of what I’ve learned during the past 35+ years as an engineer, a project manager, and an engineering recruiter, with my more recent focus on creating effective workplace conversations and relationships.


The Next Step

Thank you for considering me for your future event. I would welcome a phone call to talk about your speaking and/or training workshop needs. Please call me right now at 913-530-0322.


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