Overcoming Overwhelm…and Battling Busyness to be More Effective

Brief Presentation Overview


Every direction you turn today, it seems that companies are asking their employees to do more and more with less and less. For many of us, we often feel similar pressures at home. I designed this program to help participants offset these challenging trends by learning some new, but less stressful, ways to ratchet up their personal effectiveness and productivity.

Target Audiences

Students, and working professionals at all points in their careers, will benefit from this presentation and the ideas it offers. Virtually anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed with their work, and with life, will benefit.

Delivery Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or a workshop. Typical keynote length is 45–60 minutes, with the ideal being 45-50 minutes. Workshops most often run from two to four hours. Of course, program length is always dependent upon your needs and goals.

Intended Program Outcomes

  • Audience members will realize they don’t have to live and work with a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. They will leave with new alternatives to the feelings of “overwhelm and busyness”.
  • Participants will exit with at least six high impact, actionable ideas that will immediately position them to get more done, in less time, with less stress, and with less “mischief”.

Experience With This Topic

  • After experiencing significant feelings of overwhelm while ramping up into a new job in 2003, I discovered David Allen’s classic book on personal productivity, Getting Things Done, and dove into it. David’s book and his GTD methodology got me started on a never-ending search for personal productivity techniques and associated books, software apps, etc. My goal has always been to excel, and to be productive in more satisfying, but less stressful ways.
  • Over the last ten years, I’ve presented my findings and experiences involving the topics of personal productivity and effectiveness to hundreds of people, both inside and outside of the corporate environment.


The Next Step

Thank you for considering me for your future event. I would welcome a phone call to talk about your speaking and/or training workshop needs. Please call me right now at 913-530-0322.


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