Six Keys to Creating and Managing Remarkable Projects

Brief Presentation Overview


What possibilities might open if we understood the nuances of, and paid more attention to, the conversations and relationships that are a part of every project? In this presentation, I offer a very different and powerful way to look at the primary stages of a project.

Target Audiences

Students, working professionals, and all others who find themselves as members or leaders of project teams, will benefit from this presentation and the ideas it offers.

Delivery Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or a workshop. Typical keynote length is 45–60 minutes, with the ideal being 45-50 minutes. Workshops most often run from two to four hours. Of course, program length is always dependent upon your needs and goals.

Intended Program Outcomes

  • Audience members will be challenged to think in new ways about the power and impact of their workplace conversations and relationships, especially within the context of project and team leadership.
  • Particularly if you’re an engineer (like me), or if you’re in a technical project role, I’m confident you’ll appreciate this unique and fresh perspective on project management. The six ideas I share will position you to be more effective, more productive, and experience less stress as either a project manager or as an individual project team member.

Experience With This Topic

  • Throughout my 25 years as a John Deere employee, I was involved in a myriad of projects, both as a leader and as a team member. Each offered a unique opportunity to observe, experience, and impact, the vital role that conversation played in the project.
  • Since 1997, my specific studies revolving around the topics of workplace conversations and relationships have expanded my ability to teach others how to better leverage project-oriented conversations.
  • Since 2010, my professional speaking, training and consulting career has centered on helping client companies to improve their business performance via their people. My primary work today focuses heavily on teaching employees at all levels how to have more effective workplace conversations, be better leaders, build stronger teams and enjoy better relationships.


The Next Step

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