Helping STEM Students Build Soft Skills – Strategy #7: SUGGEST NEW ACTIVITIES

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Welcome to the home stretch in my STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE for parents of STEM students. This is Strategy #7, and it’s called SUGGEST NEW ACTIVITIES.


This strategy is all about SUGGESTING NEW ACTIVITIES that are outside of your child’s current normal routine.

Getting involved with others in her peer age group, but especially with adult professionals, could open up interesting new opportunities to build and develop her soft skills. This strategy is similar, but yet also differs from #6, in that it involves your child pursuing activities that she’s never done before.

As with Strategy #6, the list of possible new activities is virtually unlimited.

Having Conversations is Key

No matter what she chooses, though, the key is that you have conversations afterwards about what she noticed, experienced and learned, especially in regards to soft skills.

Also, help her to understand that reflecting and debriefing with others are two of the best ways to learn after participating in an activity.



Suggest some new activities for your child to consider participating in. Be sure to suggest some that involve you attending with her.

Here are a few ideas which come to mind:STG3ToastmastersOrgScreen

  • Invite your child to attend a Toastmasters meeting, or other club meeting, with you.
  • Suggest that you volunteer together to help a local service organization. Favorites of mine include food banks, food pantries and homeless shelters. 
  • Attend a city council meeting together.
  • Encourage your child to conduct informational interviews with professionals in her field of interest.
    • The STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE titled, Conducting Informational Interviews is available as a FREE downloadable PDF. Through text, examples, and videos, it will teach her everything she needs to know about informational interviewing.

BONUS ACTION #2 (not included in video below):

A Special Must-Read Article for YOUTPT-3Dcover

What You Say MattersThis article is actually Chapter 2 from the book pictured here titled, Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids.

This article is being provided as a free PDF download courtesy of engineer, author, trainer, and consultant, Paul Axtell.

The messages in this chapter are at the core of my STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE for Parents. In short, it reveals that what you say to your kids, and the conversations you have together, are priceless ways of teaching them valuable principles and skills.

It also reveals that conversations are the primary way to build great relationships with your kids.

I urge you to download, read, and take action on this article. Your kids will thank you for it! 

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Question: What new activities will you suggest to your child today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Note: This post is one of the final chapters in the free PARENT’S GUIDE TO HELPING STEM STUDENTS BUILD OUTSTANDING SOFT SKILLS. On THIS PAGE, you can learn more about the GUIDE, watch a short summary video and request a FREE downloadable PDF copy.



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