Helping STEM Students Build Soft Skills – Strategy #6: SUPPORT CURRENT ACTIVITIES

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Welcome to Strategy #6 for helping your STEM student build outstanding soft skills. It’s titled, SUPPORT CURRENT ACTIVITIES.


As you can easily imagine, this strategy is about supporting the array of activities your child is involved in, but especially those that serve to build strong soft skills.

I won’t try to describe this strategy in detail because it’s far too vast, but it includes all the various school and college sponsored activities your child might be participating in outside of classes, such as:

  • Sports,
  • Theatre,
  • Music,
  • Clubs,
  • Volunteering
  • …Along with the huge array of nonacademic activities and relationships, such as in the community, at church, with friends, family, etc.

These are all activities that your child may be a part of.

To describe this strategy, it might be easier just to say “Support your child, support his activities, …support his entire life“. And HAVE REGULAR CONVERSATIONS ABOUT IT ALL!



Be intentional about regularly initiating conversations about events and activities.

As best your schedule allows, attend your child’s events. Then initiate some conversations specifically about the soft skills he is using, observing, and learning during his activities.

With very little effort, life seems to create plenty of things to talk about and learn from. That’s what this strategy is really all about. It’s about leveraging things your child is already doing, and turning them into soft skills teaching points by having relationship-building conversations.

Even if you can’t attend a particular activity, the opportunity is always there to bring it to life later in a face-to-face conversation or on the phone. Even an email or a text can work to initiate a caring conversation about what your child is doing and learning.

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What You Say MattersThis article is actually Chapter 2 from the book pictured here titled, Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids.

This article is being provided as a free PDF download courtesy of engineer, author, trainer, and consultant, Paul Axtell.

The messages in this chapter are at the core of my STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE for Parents. In short, it reveals that what you say to your kids, and the conversations you have together, are priceless ways of teaching them valuable principles and skills.

It also suggests that conversations are the primary way to build great relationships with your kids.

I urge you to download, read, and take action on this article. Your kids will thank you for it! 

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Question: What activities will you talk about with your child today, tomorrow, and the next day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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