Here it is, a valuable GUIDE to help you…

Explore a career…Investigate a job…Research a company

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This STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE can teach you to do all of these things…and much, much more.

CONDUCTING INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS: Using Informational Interviews to Explore Careers in Engineering (…And to Easily Expand Your Network of Supportive Relationships)



movie_icon2_WO_BKGDDownloadable as a FREE 64-Page PDF – It includes 24 embedded links to also view the entire GUIDE as short videos (watch a sample video of Chapter 7 below)!

So What’s This GUIDE About…And How Can It Help You?

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 A Quick Glimpse Inside The GUIDE

These are the 3 Vital Informational Interview Steps you’ll learn

  1. REACH OUT…by identifying, and then extending an invitation to, your potential interviewee.
  2. CONNECT & LEARN…by scheduling, preparing, and conducting your one-on-one interview.
  3. MANAGE…your new relationship. First with a professional thank you. Then with ongoing follow-up.

Here’s a Sample Video from Chapter 7:

Connect & Learn – Preparing For The Interview

A Note From The Author

Don GallagherHi, I’m Don Gallagher, the founder and primary author at ENGINEERINGCAREERLAUNCHER.COM. Educated as a mechanical engineer, earlier in my career I spent 25 years in engineering, recruiting, marketing, sales, and training roles with Deere and Company. If you’re curious, there’s more info and some pics on the About page.

My core focus is on helping engineering/STEM students to ratchet up their soft skills, career skills, and personal effectiveness as they work towards building remarkable careers.

Thank you for choosing to let me help you build your informational interviewing skills with this free GUIDE from the ECL Learning Store.

I wish you much success as you reach out to others to learn, to share, and to build new relationships. Please come back often to share your feedback and/or your interviewing success stories in the Comments area below.





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