It’s time to celebrate. It’s Engineers Week 2015 and I’m launching my third STRAIGHT TALK GUIDE titled, A SUCCESS MANIFESTO FOR 21st CENTURY ENGINEERING STUDENTS: 8 Actions To Help You Rock Your Engineering College Experience and Land a Top Job After Graduation.

Success Manifesto

In this FREE 30-page MANIFESTO, I share many of the career secrets and skills I learned during 25 years with John Deere as an engineering intern, engineer, corporate engineering recruiter, trainer, and project manager.

…This MANIFESTO is Another Labor of Love…

Success ManifestoAs with the STEM Parent’s GUIDE I created, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that creating and sharing this MANIFESTO has been a labor of love for me. It’s the roadmap and coaching guide I wish I had had when I was in college.


Backstory: I Was a Bit Naive About College (at least at first)

When I headed off to Iowa State in 1976 from our farm in rural Iowa, I knew very little about how to make the most of my college experience. I knew that classes and grades were important in engineering, but that was about it.

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the past 35 years to have learned from, and been helped by, many wonderful people. Now it’s time to pay it forward by offering some of what I’ve learned to the next generation of engineers.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that engineering requires far more than just getting good grades in college. Outstanding engineers must also have a wide array of strong soft skills. In fact, understanding and building outstanding soft skills is a key focus of the MANIFESTO.

Is this Relevant to High School Students and Parents?…ABSOLUTELY!

If you’re an engineering college student, or the parent of a student, I want to strongly encourage you to download, read, and use the FREE PDF document and videos.

And if you’re in high school, please don’t let the sub-title scare you away. Virtually EVERYTHING I share in the MANIFESTO is relevant to you too. In fact, you’ll be at a distinct advantage in college if you start taking these 8 Actions while in high school (or better yet, in middle school).

Learning from the MANIFESTO is Easy, Convenient…and FREE

movie_icon2_WO_BKGDI’ve worked hard to make this MANIFESTO easy to use and to learn from. As I reveal in the video below, every chapter is supported by an optional video that also shares the chapter content. If you prefer, the videos let you watch and listen to the content instead of reading it.

I love learning from videos, that’s why I always make this option available in the STRAIGHT TALK GUIDES I build!

I invite you to watch the 3-minute intro video below to learn more…


To go to the page for the PDF Version of the MANIFESTO, click HERE.

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Question: What actions have you been taking to have an awesome college experience and to prepare yourself to land a top job after graduation? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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